On top of the mountain, the clouds are beautifull and the sky is limitless. As Agile Guide I coach Product Owner and Scrum Master to explore their path to rise up and shine.

Agile Coaching

my WHY

I feel inspired and thankful when I see that I am able to patiently guide mentees/coachees into the right direction to discover inside themselves what is needed to overcome their challenges and to achieve their goals.

our WAY

I will take time and curiously ask questions to really understand your role, work environment, challenges and goals. We will define a step-by-step mentorship/coaching plan with topics you like to explore and discuss. During our sessions I will share my experience and knowledge, answer your questions, will ask questions mysellf, give advice and provide feedback on work results you want to share with me. All sessions are focused to your situation and your goals. After each session we will summarize the key takeaways and action items you want to take until our next session.

your GOALS

The topics we will cover during our mentorship/coaching sessions depend on your goals and challenges. The following topics came up in the past and might inspire you.  


  • Putting your Agile, Scrum & Kanban knowledge more effectively into practice.
  • As Product Owner getting better in OWNING the product development.
  • As Scrum Master getting better in supporting your Product Owner.
  • Find a vision for your personal career path.
  • Build trustful relationships even with your difficult product stakeholders.
  • Aligning stakeholders behind a vison and shared product goals.
  • Create ready to develop User Stories with good acceptance criteria.
  • How to slice User Stories: small enough to get done in one sprint, big enough to deliver value.
  • Sprint planning without overcommitting to deliver what was forecasted.
  • Improve development workflow to get into a continuous flow.
  • Retrospectives for a continuous improvement of performance and self-organization.
  • Prioritization with more confidence and how to make decisions transparent. 

see HOW we work together

 3 month of agile coaching and mentoring

 8 coaching sessions (online. live. face2face.)

 Focus on outcomes and meassurable results  

 Ad-hoc sessions possible, under urgent circumstances

 Mail-support between the sessions 

 Specific advice on accompaning readings or online material 

 Scrum-based session schedule (find more details below)


Please note

  • I am located in Germany UTC/GMT +2 hours. 
  • Coaching sessions are usually scheduled during the week around 7 pm CEST.
  • Please contact me in case you have special time constraints.

how to INVEST in your agile skills


The monetary invest for my agile coaching is comparable with the costs of a two days group training. But instead of beeing one out of ten people in the virtual class room, you and your goals are my primary foscus in our sessions - for 12 weeks instead of 12 training hours.

About me

15 years experience in project- and product development

In 2006 I gained a masters degree in computer science in Germany in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin in Platteville (USA). I worked for several big companys in Germany as IT-Consultant, IT-Project Manager, Requirements Engineer, IT-Architect and since 2015 as Product Owner. I developed B2B and B2B products in various sectors including telecommunication, banking, retail and lega tech. I am well experienced in working with remote development teams in Poland, Armenia and Germany.  

Well trained and certified

Product Discovery

Product Delivery

Agile Leadership 

Management 3.0


Coaching / Mentoring

12 weeks agile coaching schedule

The following schedule outlines a basic coaching plan and can be adated. If an outlined session cannot be hold (sickness, vacation, etc.), the session will be rescheduled. This can cause the program to last longer than twelf weeks. 

Week One

We start with an initial briefing session. Based on the GROW model we will:

a) define your Goals, you want to achieve within the next 12 weeks,

b) talk about your current Reality,

c) identify the obstacles you face and Options you already see

d) and draft a Way forward to take action on the possible options.

Then we walk through three coaching sprints following a Scrum-based structure. 

Week Two

Based on the identified options and draft of possible actions we refine and plan concrete next steps. You will take the first steps untill our next checkin session. 

Week Three

Your are busy to implement your actions from week two. 

Week Four

We meet to checkin on your progress. I will answer your questions, offer advice and guide you through issues you might have discovered.  

Week Five

We meet to inspect and review your results of our first coaching sprint. I will answer your questions, offer advice and provide feedback. We also reflect on our cooperation and way of working. We adapt if needed. We refine and plan the next steps and actions. 

Week Six 

Same as week three: Implement

Week Seven 

Same as week four: Checkin

Week Eight 

Same as week five: Review, Refine, Plan.

Week Nine

Same as week three: Implement

Week Ten

Same as week four: Checkin

Week Eleven 

Same as week five: Implement

Week Twelf

This is the final coaching session for the three month program. We inspect your overall results of the last weeks. We revisite the GROW model to see what have changed and what is left to reach for. You go along your path by our own or you wish to extend our journey with me as your guide.